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1. Mechanical macro defines the gaming mouse.
2. Ergonomic design.
3. Through the macro programming software: 10 programmable keys, USB return rate: 125Hz-250Hz-500Hz-1000Hz adjustable.
4. Cooling lighting design, the bottom panel has a light switch that can be turned off.
5. The default dpi: 1000/2000/3000 / 4000dpi. The macro programming software can adjust the dpi to 16 levels, the level is 250dpi, and the maximum is 4000dpi.
6. USB plug and play.
7. Switch life: 20 million cycles.
8. Cable length: 140cm.
9. Weight: 145 grams.
10. Dimensions: 132x78x37mm (length x width x height).
11. Support Windows 2000 / XP / win7 / win8 / win10 Vista 32bit IOS or the latest version.

Custom driver download and use:
1. Insert the driver CD into your computer and run setup.exe to install it.
2. When the mouse is successfully connected and working properly, you can start the installation.
3. After the installation is complete, the name is the game mouse driver, the icon is a real picture, displayed on the desktop.
4. Using Avop A3050 professional game chip, high-performance program control decoder chip for smooth motion and precise control.
5. For keys 2-10, custom settings are supported through the drive.
6. Advanced Settings: Custom macro editing that supports game effects.
7. Advanced settings: You can set the pointer accuracy, scroll speed and double click speed.
8. Basic settings: 250DPI~4000 DPI, 16 segments are available, and the increment of each segment is 250DPI.
9. The lamp can be programmed to change any color. You can set any color, or you can breathe the design color to turn off the light.
10. Plug and play, more new features can be achieved through the drive.
11. When the setup is complete, click Applications and then click Save Configuration. You should start the driver again the next time you use it so that you can use all the customization features.

Packing List:
Gaming mouse x 1
User Manual x 1
CD (macro definition software) x 1

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